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Starbucks launched a built-in mobile payment chip mobile phone shell, priced at 299 yuan

Starbucks launched a built-in mobile payment chip mobile phone shell, priced at 299 yuan

Father's day this year, Starbucks Chinese launched a mobile payment chip built-in mobile phone shell, divided into two kinds of size, size for iPhone 6 plus / 6S plus / 7 Plus, small size is suitable for the iPhone 6 / 6S / 7, the price of 299 yuan (including 100 yuan Star gift card).


Starbucks said in its official WeChat, the mobile phone shell as a "father's Day" gift, appearance of the black matte texture material and wood mosaic, with Starbucks nemesis gift card function, users in the Starbucks POS machine above the brush can be single, consistent with the operation principle of pay Apple.

Science and technology scrap after pro test found that the mobile phone shell feel good, but I do not know is improper operation or chip reasons, try many times failed to pay for success, and finally had to return to the traditional machine scan code chargeback.


Science and technology scrap found that this is prepaid prepaid prepaid card, not because of chip problems, Starbucks does not accept refunds, nor support the loss of reports, overdrafts, change or withdraw cash.


Starbucks also said that in addition to the mobile phone shell packaging as a mobile phone stand, but also has built-in audio function of non plug-in speakers. However, the author found that after the close test, the sound amplification effect is very general, it is difficult to compare with the sound box.

As everyone knows, Starbucks has repeatedly tried to promote their own star gift card mobile payment, users need to purchase in advance at the face value of Star gift card, and then download the Starbucks APP, after binding account payment function can be realized in Starbucks mobile store. In the long term Chinese market does not support WeChat and Alipay and other three party payment, only Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

Star gift card mobile payment is cumbersome, but Starbucks also have their own small abacus, that is to build a complete user account system, can launch invitation coupons, coupons, l cup full reduction activities to the user, the other alien enjoy card bonus mechanism, different star users enjoy different preferential use of membership and Starbucks the integral system to encourage consumer spending, so as to improve user retention.

However, Starbucks in the Chinese market to promote star card payment, but it is copying the American model, Chinese users do not buy it, Apple, Pay, Samsung, Pay in China for a long time marginalized.

Last December 8th, Starbucks and Tencent reached a strategic cooperation, will be in Starbucks, China mainland nearly 2500 stores access WeChat payment, was regarded as a compromise to the Chinese market.

Thus, Starbucks build Star gift card mobile payment ambitions still borrow this mobile phone shell products, father's Day launch of the occasion, can be seen as a test for water, do not rule out the follow-up will launch more related peripheral products.