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UnionPay 2D barcode first station to Thailand, United Visa, MasterCard to fight Alipay and WeChat pay

UnionPay 2D barcode first station to Thailand, United Visa, MasterCard to fight Alipay and WeChat pay

May 9, CUP International and international card brand Visa, MasterCard announced in Bangkok, the three parties will cooperate to launch the Thai common two-dimensional code payment standards. The standard will be used as the central bank of Thailand to local commercial banks, financial institutions and businesses recommended the use of two-dimensional code standards, is conducive to rapid increase in the level of electronic payment in Thailand, this standard will be released in the third quarter of this year.


Sympathetic card organization

Before we talk about the two-dimensional code payment standard, we need to understand the basis of cooperation between card organizations. As we all know, in 2010 Visa has sent a letter to the global member bank, asked to accept outside the Chinese mainland with Visa logo dual currency credit card, not take the CUP clearing channel. China UnionPay believes that either party has no right to separate the cardholder to choose offshore payment channels for restrictions.

Time flies, in an eye to June 2015, China UnionPay UnionPay cards issued in the global total of more than Visa, becoming the world's largest trading volume, the largest issuance of the international card organization. This is a student beyond the teacher's story, as the teacher's Visa had lamented the Chinese market has great potential. In February 2016, China UnionPay and Visa signed a memorandum of understanding in Shanghai, the two sides reached an agreement, will pay the innovation, pay security and financial Pratt & Whitney, in the context of the opening of the RMB clearing market and the huge changes in the Chinese payment market in recent years. And other aspects of cooperation.

China UnionPay President Shi Wenchao said that CUP and Visa both companies are open card organization, follow a common business model to jointly safeguard the brand rights and interests of the card organization, advocate the core concept of open cooperation, the two sides will cooperate for the global payment of industrial health Development has a significant impact.

Visa CEO Xia Shangfu said that this is a special cooperation between the two leading companies in the industry, aimed at coping with the major challenges facing the industry and jointly advocating the open cooperation and mutual benefit of the Quartet model The

From both sides of the high-level position is not difficult to see, adhere to the Quartet model, the face of industry challenges to become the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation.

On the other hand, as early as June 2011, China UnionPay and MasterCard have cooperation. At that time the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation, and agreed to carry out overseas Internet payment business cooperation, so that the UnionPay card through the MasterCard payment gateway in the overseas online business to achieve acceptance. In addition, the two sides are also in the field of innovative payment to explore new cooperation projects.

The Exploration of Card Organization 's Two - dimensional Code Payment

December 12, 2016, UnionPay two-dimensional code payment standard was officially released. UnionPay two-dimensional code payment will be added as an existing non-payment payment products for the "cloud flash" to inject new content. UnionPay two-dimensional code payment with four characteristics, follow the existing bank card payment Quartet model, the use of payment token (Token) technology, the same scene under the unified mode of technology can be interoperable, compatible with relevant international standards. It is understood that the current support for CUP two-dimensional code to pay the bank APP has 28.

Before CUP released the two-dimensional code standard, MasterCard announced the launch of Masterpass QR in India, a mobile-based two-dimensional code payment solution. Master has worked with local bank Ratnakar Bank in India to add Masterpass QR services to the mobile payment platform, OnGo.

Different card organizations in the two-dimensional code to pay on the achievements, CUP, Visa, MasterCard in Thailand launched a universal two-dimensional code payment standard is not card organization on the two-dimensional code to pay the first cooperation.

In the Indian government in the waste notes, and vigorously promote the electronic payment, and that pay the first consideration is to profit, can not really take up the responsibility to build a cashless society, so the Indian government have introduced the state to pay the wallet and the country to pay two-dimensional code. Among them, the state to pay two-dimensional code by the MasterCard, American Express, Visa and NPCI (India National Payment Company) and other four major payment agencies to jointly develop. Has been with 16 banks to reach cooperation, users only need their own bank accounts and the country to pay two-dimensional code can be associated with different banks and multiple accounts to achieve sweep transfer, payment.

Contrast India's famous payment wallet Paytm, the state paying the user does not need another account, the funds directly from the bank account to the bank account. The Indian government to promote the form of two-dimensional code payment, the same did not leave the original bank card closed-loop.

UnionPay two - dimensional code to pay overseas debut

China UnionPay pointed out that the cooperation has multiple meanings. One is marked by the UnionPay mobile payment standards by the international market recognition and support for the UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay to play a demonstration role in the promotion; the second is the two-dimensional code payment service will be as the Thai NFC "cloud flash" service a strong complement, To further expand the payment situation of UnionPay cards to speed up the process of business localization; third is conducive to the use of internationally compatible Thai business and higher security of the two-dimensional code payment, as soon as possible to enhance the electronic payment penetration.

Among them, the third "to help the Thai businessmen use internationally compatible and more secure two-dimensional code to pay" is worth pondering, it seems to be mentioned. In May 2016, the Bank of Thailand issued a notice that the current hot tourist cities in Thailand, the proliferation of foreign electronic payment services there is a risk. There are news Chinese tourists hot tourist city tour guides and tourists to local businesses and service venues to promote and sell China's well-known electronic payment service platform WeChat Pay, and the financial services have not been approved by the Thai official application. And the China UnionPay hand in hand Visa, MasterCard, and marked the Thai central bank "recommended use" banner.

CUP International said that almost all ATMs and 90% of merchants in Thailand have accepted CUP cards. In addition to the forthcoming international standard two-dimensional code payment, the beginning of this year, Thailand also launched the first year CUP card mPOS services, cardholders in the Chiang Mai night market, well-known Art Street, Ning Man Road, small and medium-sized businesses such as mobile equipment, Consumption, the electronic payment to a number of widely distributed, smaller businesses.

National Tourism Administration released the latest data show that in 2016 the number of Chinese citizens outbound tourism reached 122 million people, outbound travel costs of $ 109.8 billion, per capita cost of $ 900. Which traveled to Thailand to reach 8.87 million people travel, and per capita spending ranked first. In the overseas payment market, Thailand can be described as a battleground.

2016 国外消费.jpg

WeChat Alipay in Thailand is also early layout, Xiaobian travel in Thailand also found that "Alipay and WeChat payment" almost occupied the hot spots of Thailand's business. From the 2016 Thai Water Festival to the same period in 2017, WeChat payment in Thailand increased the number of transactions more than 6 times. Compared to the same period last year, Alipay "51" in Thailand also has 4 times growth, access to more than 10,000 businesses.

Two-dimensional code to pay competition will enter the white-hot stage, domestic so, foreign is no different.

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